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New Rentals tomorrow!

May 5, 2008

Some mediocre studio movies are coming out today, but some of the most exciting independent films will also be out for release. Read below for more.

Gerald Butler and Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You.

*** P.S. I Love You is a romantic dramedy about lost love and learning how to live again. Starring Hilary Swank,the delicious Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as well as Harry Connick, Jr, this chick flick is full of lovely men. The story was average and a little far fetched that any man like Jerry could ever exist but I liked some of the decisions she makes and her ability to find inner strength rather than relying on others. Lisa Kudrow cracks me up in this one as one of Swank’s friends. It’s worth a viewing if you haven’t yet seen it.

First Sunday stars the comic duo of Ice Cube (Durrell) and Tracy Morgan (LeeJohn). Durrell is going to lose his son unless he comes up with $17,000, so he and LeeJohn concoct a plan to steal from the local church. We’ll just say shennanigans ensue.

Over Her Dead Body is the flatline comedy starring Eva Longoria and Paul Rudd. After Longoria’s character dies, Rudd tries to move on with the psychic who wants to help him, but Longoria’s ghost won’t have any of it.

I’m Not There is the story of Bob Dylan in six parts, with six actors playing the role of Dylan. The movie does not follow a linear timeline, much like Dylan’s thoughts, but is more of a rumination upon his life and ideals. It’s a lovely little film and definitely worth renting.

Teeth is probably one of the most interesting and disturbing myths to bring to screen. A story about Dawn, a high school student who becomes the object of sexual violence then discovers she has her own built in defense system (ha!).

The Business of Being Born is quite the opposite of Teeth. The documentary by Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake has been wowing audiences at film festivals, including our own Oxford Film Festival, with its eye opening look at the medical industries take on childbirth in the United States. Whether you have had a child or are thinking of having one someday, this is one to see.

Bella is one I have been waiting to see since it first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2006. Just watch the trailer. It is a lovely film that unfolds.

Delirious is another interesting look at a quirky side of life. A member of the paparazzi, Les, befriends a homeless man. After the homeless man becomes the lover of the hottest pop star of the moment, Les grows jealous and plots a scheme against the lovers. Not to mention it stars the ever amazing Steve Buscemi.

Dans Paris is your typical French film. Lovely imagery, beautiful acting, and leaves you with the feeling that you want to kill yourself. Yet unlike much of French cinema, it focuses on familial connections, primarily the story of the two brothers who end up living with their father. Any fan of foreign films should get this one.

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  1. May 9, 2008 12:32 pm

    Over Her Dead’s Body’s Just enough laughs to make it watchable, despite Longoria’s insufferable performance.


  1. New Rentals tomorrow!

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