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**** April 20th Release, 2007, Hot Fuzz

April 20, 2008

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have got it right again with Hot Fuzz. After the extremely well made Shaun of the Dead, it is nice to see that they keep rolling out the hits.

Starring Simon Pegg and a full cast of wonderful British actors, the story revolves around police officer, Nicholas Angel. Being too good at his job, his superiors conspire to get him out of London and transfer him to the small and quiet Sandford, a seemingly perfect town with no crime. It doesn’t take long to see that that may not quite be the truth.

An action comedy is quite the hard thing to accomplish. Either the comedy or the action usually flails in light of the other. But, not Hot Fuzz. They’ve got it just right. There may be a bit of a slow build up to figure out exactly what’s going on but it leads to a brilliant 30 minutes of non stop action. The fight between Timothy Dalton’s character and Angel in the model of the village is oddly fantastic. Also, the interplay between Angel and Nick Frost’s character Danny Butterman make it a hilarious buddy cop-comedy. But there is nothing predictable about that. The twists keep coming all the way to the explosive ending.

This is out for rental now. I highly recommend it.

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