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Tupelo Film Festival Line Up Announced

April 11, 2008

While the schedule is not quite up and running, Tupelo Film Festival announced their film picks for the upcoming May 15-17 fest.

Greetings from the Shore
Yesterday Was A Lie
Like Moles, Like Rats
War Eagle, Arkansas
Finding Kraftland
Melungeon Voices
Forgotten Coast
Chasin’ Gus’s Ghost
Against the Wind
The Miracle
English Language
Book of Wisdom
A Mile of Wolves
Imagine Me A Hero
It’s A Great Day
Never Give Up Hope
Escape From 13
Horizon Diner
Standing on a Whale
Love Pills
We Hear Sirens
Cough Drop
Silver Tongues
Cecilia Rose
The Father
Speaking Truth to Power
The Honest Shepherd
Breaking Point
Roses Are Greek
Abraham’s Bakery
Inside Voices

More on all the films soon!

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