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Story about Short film Maro at Crossroads

March 30, 2008

Sometimes the story of a filmmaker captures your heart. As anyone who attended the 2006 Oxford Film Festival can attest who met Darius of Darius Goes West. Now in a similar fashion is the amazing story of Michael Tedford and his father who helped to produce the film. Tedford’s film Maro plays this Saturday at Crossroads and the local paper in his hometown in Oregon just published a story about the filmmaker. After major issues with getting the film made, right before a premiere Tedford’s father, who’d been instrumental in helping encourage him through the film, called his son to tell him he had a brain tumor. Tedford dropped everything and stayed by his dad’s side through the surgeries and recovery. A great story and I look forward to seeing his film this weekend.

According to the Crossroads Film Festival website, Maro is the telling of the inner struggles one man faces in his quest to find his true love. Through his love, courage, and innocence, Maro fights through his journey and eventually must learn to overcome not only external forces, but his inner demons as well. Michael Tedford will be in attendance.


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