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Live Update from Final Day of Memphis Film Fest

March 30, 2008

Friends, you can check out my updates of the Memphis fest at for Scene Now, the blog for the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal’s weekly entertainment guide, Scene. Over the next few days I will be posting on here my reviews of some of the films I saw.

But to get you are the first few lines:

By Melanie Addington

I have to take a moment before I tell you about day four festivities to excuse my blunder in calling the fest by its old name. Memphis International Film Festival has rebranded itself this year to On Location: Memphis. It may seem like a slight issue, but it is important to actually call the fest that this awesome group of people I met worked so hard on by the correct name.

Now, things started hopping in the evening of day three as the rain subsided and people showed up in droves to check out Osso Bucco, a funny little mobster comedy played out over the course of a veal dinner in a snow storm. Unfortunately I skipped out halfway through the film to check out the feature winner Low and Behold. The film has minor cinematography issues but the stunning performances make up for it. The story line is heartbreaking and some of the footage of the devastation that Katrina left of New Orleans was captivating and up close. The film was such a personal look at a real event and yet written in such a way that the themes are universal and the story could have been set anywhere. No one from the film came to the fest so they showed the award to the audience and then began the film. That was disappointing but since the ending of the film shook me up so bad I was glad I didn’t have to sit through a Q&A but could instead escape to the bathroom to stop crying.

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