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New Releases in Oxford March 21!

March 21, 2008

Oxonians are again getting three new releases this week and some may actually be worth seeing! Such exciting news!

Drillbit Taylor

A bully movie written by Seth Rogen where Owen Wilson is apparently naked? I am so there. Stephen Root stars as the principal which I am sure will serve as a delightful addition to this cast of mostly kids who are tormented by bullies and decide to fight back by using Drillbit Taylor to save the day.


Haunted by photographs? A young couple moving to Japan? Haven’t we seen this before? Oh but Sarah Michelle Gellar is not the star..this time it is Joshua Jackson. Ok, cool. Whatever. It is a horror flick, so I will see it.

Meet The Browns

To be honest, I have never seen any of Tyler Perry’s movies. I hear the buzz about them but I just never get around to watching any of them. A mom goes to Georgia for the funeral of her father and meets the Brown family. That is all I know. Probably funny. I will get it to in my long line for rentals someday. But it is in Oxford now.

New Releases that we will not see in Oxford this week:

Irina Palm

Love Songs – Cinematical just gave this a review..Check it out:

Planet B-Boy – A documentary on the history of breakdancing. AWESOME!


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