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New Releases in Oxford March 14th!

March 14, 2008

3/6 new releases are actually making it to Oxford (hallelujah)!

We are getting Doomsday (yes Malcom McDowell!), Horton Hears a Who, and Never Back Down. I know, it is such a surprise that in Oxford, our little college town, that we are getting the horror movie, the kids movie and the action movie. I mean, what a new concept!

For the Malco times, check out:

I haven’t seen any of them yet but plan on seeing Doomsday and Horton this weekend, so check back for a review.

The three releases we will not be seeing here in town (which means they are probably good) are: Flash Point (you will have a chance to rent this April 22nd), Funny Games (I love Tim Roth sincerely and wish this was playing here), and Sleepwalking (Charlize Theron looks fantastic in this). I’ll keep you up to date on rental options for Funny games and Sleepwalking.

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