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SXSW Midway Fest Break

March 9, 2008

SXSW Mid way thru…

So I am nearing the end of day 3 at SXSW. In an hour we will line up at the Ritz (the coolest little theater ever) to see Dance of the Dead, a prom horror film! I love me some horror films. :>

n6509651_33680979_8771.jpg (Dance of the Dead Q&A at the Ritz/Melanie Addington)

I saw The Promotion tonight starring Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly. It was one of the most clever yet deceptively simple comedies I have seen in quite awhile. I hope this film blows up because right now there is just not enough buzz about it.

I also saw Super High Me which was delightfully comical (the stoner film seems to be almost a genre here in Austin). I would have liked a little more to be added to it but overall, fun entertainment.

One film that I wished I liked due to my complete admiration for several of the actors is Mister Lonely. Set in Paris, the story is about a Michael Jackson impersonator and his eventual choice to move to a commune with other celebrity look alikes. The concept is fanastic but the execution killed it.

harold-and-kumar-panel.jpg (Harold and Kumar panel at SXSW/Melanie Addington)

Harold and Kumar (you can read my review in Thursday’s town) was fun (see what I mean about stoner films?). I am sure it will do well when it opens on March 28th April 25th.

Did I already mention Humboldt County? Fabulous! And guess what? It’s about marijuana.

humboldt-county-directors.jpg (Humboldt County Q&A/Melanie Addington)

Let’s see..I am also desperately in love with Taco Cabana. Mmm..mexican food. The Rio was also great (former set of the Real World Austin)- I recommend the cheese enchiladas.

I could live in Austin..the city has the perfect laid back vibe..Seattle without the rain and with perfect Mexican food. Can’t beat that.

I stood face to face with Jim Sturgess which was one of the most amazing moments (completely starstruck). I met the dad from Six Feet Under also and he is wonderful.

I’ve made some great friends here and it is nice to be around film people who don’t stop talking about movies..It’s a dream come true to just live, breath, think, talk movies 24/7 (literally as we get little sleep).

Ok, got my thoughts down..will expand into a clever narrative another time.

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