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Scott Prendergast’s short films

February 6, 2008

So as if I wasn’t already excited about Kabluey, I watched the short films tonight of this very funny Scott Prendergast (check him out at While each had some very funny moments, I think my true favorite of the bunch is “Anna is Being Stalked,” although a close second and third are the delicious and Saragossa.

While the greatest production quality is definitely from the delicious, the bizarre humor in Anna is Being Stalked is perfectly delivered by Prendergast and Patricia Buckley. The short involves Anna being stalked (hence the title, duh) by an albino crazy. What is delightful about the film, besides the hysterical repetitive line (Happy Birthday, I’m going to kill you – I think the creepiest part of it is his high pitched voice), is the development or revealing of the connection of the two characters. Some of the best lines by Buckley are delivered so straight and are hysterical (You will get sick, again) that I had to pause the film to laugh. Prendergast also wrote and directed the short.

You can watch the short films here. You won’t regret it, unless you don’t like great comedy, then, you suck.

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